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Up The Stairs Looking Down


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Well, it’s been some week. I’ve been quite busy with outside calls and haven’t spent much time in the office. Most of the outside calls were for installs and a few follow-up visits, just to make sure all was OK.

Customers like it when you do make a call like that because it shows that you really care about them and the fact you are there for assistance anytime they need it. It also helps with the buyer’s remorse. You know, that feeling you get when you spend a lot of money on something and then you worry that maybe you made the wrong decision.

Doing a follow-up helps the customers with that transition and it lets them know that what they purchased, not only will do what they intended, but more, if they want it. When they see the extras that is when the satisfaction comes into play and they become quite happy with their purchase. Now, I just need someone to do that for me when I make a major purchase. Most places never do a follow-up. They just want your money and you are on your own.

Making a major purchase can really shake you, almost like the earthquake we all experienced this past week; except for me. You see, when the earthquake hit everyone in our building felt it and they temporarily evacuated. However, my wife and I were just coming back from lunch and, having been in our car and moving, we never felt it. In fact, everyone with whom I spoke who was in a moving vehicle said the same thing; they never felt the earthquake as well.

Oh well. It could have been worse. Had my wife and I been able to feel the quake while in our car I imaging that there would have been a lot more damage. So, for that reason I’m glad we didn’t feel anything, except for the love my wife and I have for each other as we spend time together for lunch.

That’s it for this week. I haven’t seen the notice for the weekly photo challenge as of this writing but, depending on what it is, I hope to put a photograph up later today or this weekend. Thanks for listening and I’ll see you in the photo gallery…

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As I start to write this it is only Tuesday. So, why start so early?

I came in this morning feeling a little depressed, in a round about way. Nothing major, it was just that I had gotten awake at 4:30 AM thinking about a network update that had to be done today.

Our company was changing out one MFD and moving around two other MFD’s at a clients site. And so at 4:30 AM I’m awake thinking about all of the possibilities I could do in making the change in a quick and easy fashion and it wasn’t happening.

Doing the change over involved making changes to the network settings, scan and fax-received forwarding notification shortcuts and most likely re-setting the print drivers for all three machines. It would be like doing the job all over again. The original install of the three MFD’s took two days to complete. This was taking on the look of being the same. I was not looking upon this in a favorable light. Thus, the depressed mood I was in. But, it would soon change.

Upon arrival at work, it got worse. Normally I would have a half hour to check the network servers, change the back-up tapes and HD’s and take a look at my email for any client notifications that needed scheduled before leaving for the site. Not to mention having my very important morning coffee.

However, the truck had already left, they were already at the site and I had an email stating that I needed to get there as soon as possible; like now. Man, I didn’t need this. Nothing was going according to plan and facing the job that I was became compounded with the fact that I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet; which is very important. Something had to be done, and it was.

I got a phone call from the sales manager, who was on site, telling me to cancel the call. At first I didn’t think I had heard him right, and I mumbled something to that effect while trying to hold excitement in check. It seems that in un-loading the new MFD there had been a little accident and they had to bring the machine back. Nothing was going to be done today and the call had been canceled.

At that moment the sun came shining through the glass in the door next to my desk, from the window in the hallway that is outside my door. Immediately I felt my body being wrung out, like a wet wash cloth, relieving me of the tension that had been mounting, and I was able to pick up my mug of coffee and take a big drink all the while smiling as I listened to the sad story that was being given to me over the phone.

As I hung up the phone my first thoughts were, “thank you Lord”. Every time I start to think the worst about something He always comes up with something that lets me know who’s in charge and why I should trust in Him more than my own doubts. This was just another example of His love played out in the realm of daily life, struggles and relief. It could not have come at a better time.

Well, there are three more days to go before I finish this post. So, hang in there and stay tuned for what the ending may be. I’ll be back Friday. I hope…


Well, here it is Friday afternoon. After Monday’s post things have generally been quiet around here. Nothing outside of the office and mainly just catching up on work, here, that has sort of been set aside until a later date. I guess this week has been that later date… 🙂

The best thing that has happened during work hours was that the annual 911 Foundation Motocycle ride came through town again today and I was able to see the beginning of it and I took a few photos of ride. Here are a couple of them…

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69 Prospect Square

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Caution… the following is written from a Christian perspective.


Monday came and the Stock Market fell like a lead balloon. In one day, a very short period of time, I saw my 401 drop down to the level it was in 2009. Just because the credit rating of the United States was dropped to AA+. One would think that the world was in great turmoil. Well, it is.

At first my thoughts were… NO!!! This can’t be happening now! You see, I’ve planned to retire in just five months. I’ve worked the figures and they were favorable for retiring at the end of year. Now, however, that didn’t look good, and I was beginning to worry about how much I might lose and even if would I be able to retire at all.

My wife and I have been planning this for quite a while now, but a Monkey Wrench had been thrown into the works. How horrible this was. People were going crazy, the Stock Market was in a downward spiral and the outlook was starting to look very bleak. Now what was I gonna do?

Just as I started to break out in worried, depressed mood it came to me. Rather, I should say He came to me.

Out of the blue, the very first verse from the Bible that I had memorized, after becoming a Christian back in 79, just came into my mind, from that Inner Voice that I’ve come to recognize so well, and it was like someone was saying, “have you forgotten?”.

” Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
      And lean not on your own understanding; 
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
      And He shall direct your paths.”

Proverbs 3: 5, 6

I know it wasn’t audible, but the voice was loud and clear, “where does your trust lie?” “You Lord”, was my reply, “In You.”

You see, as a Christian, I’ve been learning more and more to trust in the Lord for all things, whether they be good or bad. I know that even when it may not be what I would want or like, the happenings in my life eventually are for my good and for the glory of God.

Now I know that they who are not Christians cannot understand this which is OK. I could not either before I became a Christian, but it is God Who works in us to will and to do of His good pleasure. He is in control, even though we may not see it.

So, with this in mind, I began to have a quiet peace come over me and once again I took a different look at what was happening. Sure I could lose it all and the worst that could happen is that I will be working a while longer, as He wills.

Or, over the next few months, as the Stock Market goes down, my 401 will grow with more shares, since the price per share will be lower, and as the Market goes back up my 401 will grow that much quicker and I may even wind up with more than I planned.

Either way I will be in God’s will and I do believe that is what He wants. You see, to trust in the Lord in all things brings me that much closer to Him and that is what I want more than anything. He is my Provider, my Teacher – Jesus is my Savior.

So the Stock Market can go which ever way that it will, or God wills, and I will be content with the results, as I know that come what may, in my life, it will be for my good and for the ultimate glory of God.

I will trust in the Lord and I know that He will direct my paths. For God does reign, whether we want to bellieve it or not…

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This is great, another twofer week…

In my job there are always mountains to climb, blowup or from which you walk away. This past week is a good example.

First, I’ve been bothered with a small case of Poison Ivy outbreak on my arms. Man that itches like crazy, but a hot water spray is just like scratching it without the use of nails. That way nothing gets scratched open. In addition I’ve also had problems with on again / off again Hiatal Hernia problems; mostly on.

Then there is work. I’ve had two installs at different locations, and I had an update to do at another location, while combating the other mountainous personal problems. I could not blow them up and I could not walk away from them, so I’ve had to climb over them.

Well, here it is Friday and the poison is almost gone. There is no more itching and the skin is clearing up nicely. As for the Hernia problem? Well, the pain and knot feeling in the upper part of my stomach, which always seems to settle right behind the lower part of my rib cage, is slowly going away and I’m starting to feel my ol’ self again.

Best of all, I’ve made three clients happy with the work I was able to perform for them. Not only that, I was able to enjoy one of my favorite sandwiches (homemade chicken salad with lettuce and mayo on a kaiser roll) from a country store, that is out in the middle of nowhere, all because I hung in there, put on my backpack, slung the camera over my shoulder and hiked up those mountains, and once at the top – the view was fantastic.

I won’t bore you with any more details and just move on to the photo challenge.

I’ve put up two photos instead of one. The first image is a view from a mountain top and the second image is a view of a mountain from the backyard of my house. Now you have to remember, here in the east we don’t have the same type of mountains as elsewhere. They are more laid back in style, smooth in appearance but harsh to navigate, and I love them… 🙂


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